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I am a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, California. If you are facing criminal charges, please feel free to call my office or visit me online at for more information.

0:06 My name is David P. Shapiro. I’m a criminal defense attorney in Southern California.My office is located in San Diego, California.I handle a wide array of cases anywhere throughout San Diego County.

0:18 Most of my practice is focused on DUI’s and driving under the influence cases, theft cases, assault and battery cases and drug cases.I also have handled and have trial experience in cases involving sexual assault and the most serious felonies imaginable.

0:33 My philosophy in representing people accused of crimes is you first and foremost have to understand that for many of these people, they’re going through this criminal justice experience for the first time.

0:45 They’re scared. They don’t know who to trust.They might be ashamed to talk with loved ones or even their family about the case so I try to put their mind at ease as best as possible given the situation.

1:00 In 2006, I moved here in San Diego where I plan to stay for the rest of my life and during that time I’ve handled, at this point in time, well over 500 criminal cases, taken tens of cases to jury trial as well as represented people throughout San Diego County, in Vista, in El Cajon, in Chula Vista and downtown San Diego, in any aspect of their criminal defense cases.

1:26 Dual Track Approach I take is in one regard I’m presenting the client in the best light to the prosecutor and to the judges in presenting whatever mitigating evidence there might be to resolve a case favorably for the client.

1:39 On the other side and at the same time, I’m gathering facts and preparing defense strategies in the event the cases won that is appropriate for trial.We’re prepared either way no matter what direction the case goes.

1:54 The criminal law processes, the criminal law defense attorney can be very draining but every time I may be drained at eight, nine o’clock. Some night shifts I’m up late working. I always think about the client and what it must be like for them.

2:07 As emotionally draining as it is for me as an attorney, this is the career path I chose, the people I represent, at least to a certain degree did not choose to be in the position they’re in so I always try to be motivated by them and at the end of the day if we walk out of there and they seem appreciative of it or if they feel relieved or some sense of relief in understanding of what’s going to happen, whether it’s after our first meeting or whether it’s at the conclusion of the case.

2:30 That’s why I do it. I do it for the clients’ innocence. Very gratifying. With me, doing criminal defense particularly here in San Diego, it’s something that I enjoy doing. I don’t mind going to the office on a weekend. I don’t mind going to court. In fact I love it.

2:47 I enjoy it and this is what I’m meant to do. I truly believe that and that’s my driving force each and every day that I hope relays in every aspect, to each and every client I have.

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